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Today I will show you the key feature of Psycho Starship Rampage: the starship editor. Shooting, dodging and beating highscores are just one part of the game. To excel in that, you have to master building your spaceship. You need to try different weapons to find the perfect recipe for your playstyle…. because, frankly, everything is possible (as long as it makes some sense 🙂 ).psychostarshiprampage5-beta-0.14.1

How does this work? Very simply, you assemble basic building blocks of various shapes (called “sections”). You can drag and drop all the sections you can buy from the Section selection Window. You can also rotate theses sections. Build the ship YOU want! There are only 3 limitations:

  • You always need the computer core. It’s the main piece of your ship, where its intelligence lies. If it is destroyed, you lose the game.
  • Sections have to be connected by at least one side.
  • Your ship has to fit in the screen (duh).

psychostarshiprampage6-beta-0.14.1Each section has its own life and mass. When a section is badly damaged, the equipment installed does not work anymore. Over the course of your explorations, you may find power-ups to repair your ship, and a specific equipment which will automatically repair your ship in exchange for scrap metal.
Remember: when the computer core is destroyed, you die!
After you have designed the shape of your darkest dreams, be sure to keep some spare scrap, because you now have to equip that ship.
Without equipment, your ship is just an inert shell of metal. You can’t move, you can’t fire. Two equipments are mandatory:

  • The engine: it allows your ship to move…
  • The generator: it produces energy for your weapons.

After that, you can install all the weapons you can buy. Just keep in mind that:

  • A big, heavy ship needs a powerful engine (or multiple small engines). If not, your ship will be very slow. But hey, if it is heavily armed and armored, maybe you do not care too much about moving, after all… 😉
  • Lots of weapons means lots of energy. Your power bar replenishes automatically when you stop firing thanks to your generators – the better they are, the faster it will fill up. If you want to fire for a longer time, do not hesitate to install more energy accumulators.

rotationSome equipments can be turned towards a specific direction. Want to fire backwards with your plasma cannon to give a nasty surprise to those enemies who like to sneak up on you? No problem! The angle of each equipment can be set up to an accuracy of 5 degrees. Building a smart firing pattern can make a huge difference in efficiency.

Some equipments need at least one control button (like… fire!). Those equipments appear in red when you first install them: it means that you need tobindings bind a button to them, otherwise they will not work. You can choose any button you want, and any function can be bound to any button. A button can also be bound to multiple equipments. Thanks to this, you can set your custom configurations, a button to activate all your weapons, another button to activate the front weapons only, group weapons according to your liking, and so on.

You can leave the starship editor whenever you like, return to hyperspace, and test your spaceship. Hyperspace is a safe zone. If you are satisfied with your build, you can start a new level, if not, you can go back to the starship editor and make any change your budget allows.

The starship editor was created to be used with a mouse/keyboard, or a gamepad. You will find in there a lot of ergonomy tips and shortcuts to build ships very quickly and easily.

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All glory to the rampage!


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