Greetings, human!

First of all, thank you for your support and your feedback! This is very helpful for us to create the best possible game. After reviewing your input, we have decided to take Psycho Starship Rampage’s development a lot, lot further. So, for the time being, we have choosen to remove the current alpha demo download, as it does not reflect all the improvements we are currently making.

Here is a partial list of what we are working on :

  • A graphical overhaul: the new design will be more modern and more readable.
  • More action: the pace of gameplay has already increased A LOT (think more arcade-oriented, with forced scrolling and many more enemies a la R-Type, Gradius and Thunder Force).
  • Improve the editor’s interface: many factors to sort your equipment, automatic bindings, better default keys, it will have it all.
  • Complete loot system overhaul: the current one tends to slow down the action by giving you a reason NOT to shoot enemies. This is called Psycho Starship Rampage, not Psycho Starship Please Wait. We also have a new fun system in the works improving the odds of getting the loot YOU want.
  • Improve the feeling of the existing weapons and add some more.

The Greenlight campaign is still open! We keep the current trailer and screenshots for now, and we will update them as soon as our new design is ready.

That said, do not panic! These changes should not delay the release much. Psycho Starship Rampage is still in very early development stages, and can evolve very easily.

To stay informed about Psycho Starship Rampage’s evolution, follow us on Twitter or/and like us on Facebook!

We’ll be back… soon!

All glory to the rampage!



  1. Bormoth says:

    The game looks pretty solid.
    But there are some suggestions
    1. More enemy types/patterns
    It would become pretty boring to kill same enemies at same patterns for long times. New boss behaviors looks quite cool.
    Maybe even editor down the line.(pretty sure it would be quite possible to make enemy formations and enemies seem to be built from same blocks as you.)

    2. More level kinds. (Asteroid belts, maybe dust clouds, or other limiting factors. Alternate levels with some sort of challenge and chance to get better or unique loot.

    3. Loot it is pretty dull now (Plasma and rockets have some utility, but other modules it is just get +1)
    What I’d suggest is to let upgrade base stats by spending salvage points, which are acquired at same time you salvage tech from bosses . This should fix problems when you can’t get upgrade for crucial modules for long time.
    Instead modules could get 2 mods which not necessary directly empower modules but providing interesting tradeoffs
    (e.g. Faster speed, and rate plasma for plasma blasts, or refracting beams, or larger plasma fitting only to larger parts)
    Which would hold me personally for more time especially if there are mods which can appear starting from certain game levels, and with different rarity.
    What I’d suggest for marking white common, blue (1 or 2 minor mods), Yellow(1 major mod, with possible one minor), purple(2 major mod)

    4. unique modules– Coming either predefined or with more mods(3 or 4 1 or 2 of them is from unique mod list). They can’t be built with scraps only placed on your hull and repaired. It is possible to get only one of each, limited amount of total and are pretty rare boss salvage)

    5. Some Relic modules coming in predefined hull parts, and acquirable from challenge bosses as possible loot and changing how your ship plays (e.g. Shard Hull disstabilizer — shields disabled, but each hit on your ship shoots out part of it, with damage multiplied by shield power/shield area,
    or stream barrier field — forms wall of weak modules in front of your ship absorbing and rebuilding for energy, but shields disabled, and barrier is destroyed by beam weapons,
    or Black Flux Capacitor — Absorbs all beam weapons rapidly draining energy, once disabled forms damaging area around ship.
    They are pretty unique and can be acquired only once per game, so you can have only one of it on your ship.

    • FunkyFrog FunkyFrog says:

      Hi Bormoth,
      Thanks for the feedback!
      We are working on (1) and (2).

      (3) each equipments have a different gameplay. Each players have a favorite one. But your right, for now, some equipments are just bonus.
      You should give a try to the latest demo. Some equipments were improved 😉

      (4) and (5) there are good ideas. We will think about it.

      Thanks again 😉

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