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Fact sheet


Psycho Starship Rampage is a rogue-like which plays as a space shooter. Build you starship. Load it with weapons. And use your creation to destroy various enemies throughout numerous levels. Then loot their carcasses, upgrade your ship design, add more weapons and jump to the next sector for more action !

You play RSR-648b, a psychotic warship A.I., who wakes up somewhere in space after a very long hibernation. It needs to rebuild itself and will recycle anything it finds in order to return back to central command. In its madness, every unidentified moving object becomes a potential threat that must be crushed. Can you shoot and loot your way through alien territory and back to Earth ?


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  • Original game design: mixes classic space shooter with tactical and rogue-like elements
  • Ship Editor: build the killing machine of your darkest dreams
  • Procedurally generated levels and enemies
  • Crazy local multiplayer modes with up to 4 players
  • Loot many equipments/weapons designed for interaction and combos
  • Totally customizable controls (even multiple players on the same device)
  •  XBox gamepad support (Windows)
  • Original sci-fi graphics design
  • Exclusive OST from Wildphinn. Old school shooter OST style.
  • PC, Mac and Linux



Ballistic Frogs is an independent game studio founded in 2014. We are Vincent Beauzee and Guillaume Tinon, both experienced professional developers. After years spent on huge IT projects for various international companies, we have decided to come back to what really drives us: video games. To cover the artistic aspects of game creation, we are fortunate to have at our side Morgane Esnault, professional graphics designer, and Lionel Davoust (a.k.a. Wildphinn), professional writer and composer.

We play games and we craft games we would like to play. As “long-time gamers” and IT programmers, we mix old style games with current technology to create fun and challenging experiences.


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The core team. Everyone participates in multiple aspects of the game, but each member has a main specialty :

Vincent Beauzee – Game Design, Programming

Guillaume Tinon – Game Design, Programming

Morgane Esnault – Graphics design, Art

Wildphinn – Sound design, Music.