We added a new feature in Psycho Starship Rampage : bullet merging.

Let me explain: when two bullets from the same faction (allies/enemies) collide, they merge into one bigger bullet. When bullets are from different factions, the smaller one is substracted from the bigger one (if equal, they both disappear).

Where does that lead us?

  • Protect yourself by firing lots of bullets: evaporate enemy bullets with your own or, at least reduce their damage!
  • Merge your own bullets on purpose: damage is added and we throw a nice combo damage bonus. The more you merge, the more your bullets will be dangerous ! There is no damage limit on a bullet!

With armored enemy ships ignoring a fixed amount of damage per bullet, if you want to do more than scratch the paint, merging is the way to go!

Merging bullets also happens in multi-player between all allied ships. But be careful, enemies can use the merging behavior to the same advantage, so be careful! 😉


A merging exemple from pre-alpha version.

All Glory to the rampage!!



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