I’m sure you wonder every night who is behind Ballistic Frogs? Are we totally insane? Are we real? Or is it just another advertising campaign for a new fashionable and addictive soda?

Well, we have to stop all these rumors. So let’s introduce ourselves right now!

wilphinn_in_camera Wildphinn – Real name Lionel Davoust, under which I am a pro fantasy & SF writer. I’m a geek (but well, who isn’t here?) in that I love gaming, computers, and especially strange machines that make sound. I dabbled a bit in the tracker scene in the 90’s, switched to MIDI and analogue synthesis and now embrace the incredible array of sound synthesis we have available thanks to computers. Contributing fresh tunes and sounds to a video game project is like a dream made reality for me! You can visit me at my website and on the various social networks.
FunkyFrog – Real name Vincent Beauzee. I’m a pro IT engineer.  I’ve loved gaming since I was 7. I started with a NES and a Game Boy (Zelda fanboy !) and then moved to computers with RTS (Starcraft, Age of Empire). These days I love both triple AAA console and computer games (Bioshock, The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, …) and indie games (Minecraft, Braid, Hotline Miami, Castle Crasher … ). I’m also a big fan of rock & metal music (especially classic rock) and a guitar player (for the delight of my neighbor’s ears).
avatar_mo Mo – Real name Morgane Esnault. I’m a pro CG artist. My first encounter with video games was at the age of 4, with Monkey Island. This was my loss. Since then, I play on consoles and PC. Although I chose 3D animation for my professional career, my heart remains with retro gaming and pixel games. I am also a volunteer for the Stunfest games convention. You can see a part of my work on my website.
BlueFrog – Real name Guillaume Tinon. IT and agronomy (yep!) engineer, I developed my first game on a TI-89 calculator (without a PC connection, like a true code warrior). I’m a huge fan of old and new RPGs, Hack & Slashs and generally any game where you can level up, loot and build stuff ;-). I always have a thousand ideas of games or cool things to add to a game, and now, I will finally be able to share them with the world !

See you next time.


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