Hello folks!

It has been a very long time without any news here. 2016 has arrived very quickly and we will resolve to update this website more! So here is what happened during the last 4 months:

We have not announced it here, but Psycho Starship Rampage is out since sept. 28, 2015! You can buy it on Steam and itch.io (DRM-Free + Steam key on itch).

Psycho Starship Rampage has its fans with a 91% userscore on Steam! We are so happy you like our game! Thanks a lot for your support!

So, what happened since the release?

Well, we have been hard at work. First of all, tech support. In all games there are particular cases that cannot be covered in the testing phase. All games face this issue, and that is why we were checking with the Steam Community and answer every question by forum and email about the potential bug the players encounter. There was a few issues, but they are fixed now. Unless you happen to own a very specific configuration, the game will run well for you.
These days were full of work, we were bit tired, but it was a pleasure to work with such a community. Exchanging pro-tips about starship optimization, seeing you share your designs and your videos about your strategies is awesome. And you found some very clever uses, congratulations!

Moreover, we had to do some other work for make a living. It takes time, but eating is important! (especially when there is cheese in the food 😉 ) Psycho Starship Rampage sells well thanks to you guys, but not well enough to sustain 4 people. And after that Christmas was already there, tempus fugit :/

Why was there no winter sale on Steam?

Steam winter sales too soon

Some people ask about sales, because we have not participated in the winter sale. To be frank, we do not want to discount Psycho Starship Rampage too soon. It’s not about making more money. Every indie game developer will tell you that the sales are the best way to make a lot of money. But we do not have that policy. As players we do not like to buy a game full price when it is released, and see it discounted 3 months later. But do not worry, we will participate in future sales, and after that in bundles. When people ask when, generally we answer: at least 6 months after the game’s release. It may be later, but it will not be earlier.

And then, What happen next?

Of course, we will maintain Psycho Starship Rampage. Meanwhile, we have started a Wikia about the game. There is lot to populate, so feel free to participate, it’s open to everyone!
There will be a new project to be announced this year… We will talk about that in future posts.

And again, thanks for your strong support! You are awesome!

Happy 2016 full of awesome indie games!

The Ballistic Frogs Team


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