Hello folks,

Tomorrow we will take part in the Global Game Jam!

For 48h, the goal of thousands of developers and artists around the world, professionals and hobbyists, will be to develop a new game from scratch. The theme will be revealed just before the beginning of the jam and we will do our best to create a game around it! It will be fun, exhausting and we will have to work hard and fast to meet the deadline. Coffee, pizzas, crisps and energy drinks will be our allies during those 2 days! Of course, this game will be totally free. We will keep you informed about where to download it, as well as the many others created during the game.

To follow the progress of this epic adventure, subscribe to our Twitter account (@BallisticFrogs). We will tweet during the jam. Come check our progress, laugh at our lack of sleep, and maybe the degradation of our mental health 🙂
If you want to watch our GGJ video stream, use the Twitch channel of 3HitCombo which manages our GGJ site.

If you participate in the Global Game Jam too, feel free to send us your build on Sunday 😉

Thank you for your support!
The Ballistic Frogs team.


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