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We have prepared a series of posts about the key features of Psycho Starship Rampage that will carry us through to the release of the game – which will take place at the end of September 2015!

Today : The Loot!


loot_boxDestroying every life form and sterilizing space is all a very noble goal, but being rewarded for that is even better, isn’t it? So the game has a loot system for you to build a bigger, better, nastier starship. How does it work? It is very simple. When an enemy has been killed, it has a (low) chance to drop a loot box. You need to stay close to this box for approximately one second in order for your hacking beam to decode it. You do not know yet what is inside the box, but its color gives you a hint regarding the quality of the loot. If you survive this sector and beat its boss, you will be rewarded with a new equipment blueprint.2015-07-03 19_57_43-Psycho Starship Rampage

For each box, you will have to choose one among several equipments, one, two or three depending on your progress in the game. Choose wisely what you need! Equipments are generated procedurally so they will be different for each run of the game, promising many different variations. There are 3 rarity levels for the loot: common (white), rare and epic. Rare and epic blueprints will have more powerful affixes and generally better stats. Some of the most powerful affixes will also change deeply the way an equipment can be used.

2015-07-03 20_01_48-Psycho Starship RampageWhen you make your choice, you do not get the corresponding equipment, but its blueprint. It will then appear in your Equipment Selection Window in the ship editor. This represents a major difference with usual rogue-like games: you can install as many copies of this equipment as you wish on the ship! The only limit is the amount of scrap you have available. And your ship’s overall mass (you want your engines to still propel your ship). And your power production and storage (you need to generate enough for all these nasty cannons to work). And… well, looks like you will have some design choices to make.  What machine of destruction will you build? 🙂




All glory to the r… to the loot!



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