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We have sent our first alpha version to our panel of alpha testers. The core elements of Psycho Starship Rampage are available: the Ship Editor and a random level with enemies to destroy. This first “pre-alpha” campaign is useful for us to discover as early as possible important issues of stability, performance or gameplay. It will help us improve the UI and the global ergonomics of the game, in order to make it as pleasant as possible.

Source : CheezBurger

Hum… sorry LolFrogs#34 … but Psycho Starship Rampage is not yet ready for open testing. But don’t worry, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and you will get all the news.

But you make a good point. It also means that we are not far from sharing with you the first screenshots of Psycho Starship Rampage. Graphics are not final, some assets are simply not done but it will give you a first idea of what the game will look like.

All glory to the Rampage !


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