Hello Gamerzz !! Announcing our first project : Psycho Starship Rampage (from outer space). To be short, it’s a kind of “procedural-tactical-arcade-space-shooter”.


Source : KnowYourMeme

Ok then, don’t worry LolFrog#7 and let’s explain the master plan. The basic idea is to create a space shooter. Our inspiration and motivation come from some really great games : R-Type, Ikaruga, Chicken Invaders, etc… We like the feeling of these games, scrolling through the screen and destroying everything on our path. But we don’t want to just create one more traditional shmup, so we decided to add other game mechanisms to the mix:

  • Build your own ship!
    • A small and fast ship avoiding every bullet?
    • A big and heavily armed ship?
    • Or any other idea you may have
  • Procedurally generated stages!
  • Procedurally generated enemies and (epic) bosses!
  • Loot resources and new equipment, use them to upgrade your ship
    • Not enough firepower? Add a little plasma cannon over there!
    • Not enough speed? An extra thruster should fix that!
  • Various weapons and equipments to blow your enemies to pieces.
    • Do you like to destroy them the-old fashioned way? with lots of bullets?
    • Or do you prefer the funnier, more psychotic ways? Like … Ooohh you want to know how psychotic you could be? That’s for a forthcoming article, be patient.
  • If you are looking at the fun equation : Fun level of the game * number of players = Epic fun. Mathematically, we have to put a 4 players local multiplayer mode 😉

Source : fottus.com

Thank you LolFrog#12. The goal is to create an awesome game. We play games (a lot) and the first objective is to have fun with Psycho Starship Rampage.  Both creating it and playing it. If  you are interested, stay in touch, there is more to come! All glory to the rampage !


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