Global Game Jam

Hello folks, Tomorrow we will take part in the Global Game Jam! For 48h, the goal of thousands of developers and artists around the world, professionals and hobbyists, will be to develop […]

Happy new year!

Hello folks! It has been a very long time without any news here. 2016 has arrived very quickly and we will resolve to update this website more! So here is […]

The starship editor

Hello folks, Today I will show you the key feature of Psycho Starship Rampage: the starship editor. Shooting, dodging and beating highscores are just one part […]

New posters incoming

Hello space reavers! Psycho Starship Rampage‘s release is very soon, and we now have final artwork! These posters will be used as the official game cover, and for […]

Gimme da loot !

Hello everyone! We have prepared a series of posts about the key features of Psycho Starship Rampage that will carry us through to the release of […]